Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cartoon Defense : Space Wars

Cartoon Defense : Space Wars

Cartoon Defense : Space Wars is a Real-Time Strategy Defense game in the universe.
Apply various strategies and tactics to win against the enemy and to protect our planet 'Cartoon'!


Once upon a time, somewhere in the deep universe, there was a beautiful and peaceful planet named “Cartoon”, and there lived a peace-loving tribe, called“White”.
One day, the “Gray” tribe which was one of the most notorious and vicious tribes in the universe, started to intimidate the “White” and forced them to hand over their planet “Cartoon”, saying that they will be brutally retaliated if they refused to.
The "White”, who was the governor of planet cartoon,  warned them to leave right away. However, the notorious “Gray” started to attack the planet “Cartoon”.
Therefore, “The White” declared war against the “Gray” to restore justice and the peace of the universe.

Build units with Resources !!
Beat off the enemy and Protect our planet “Cartoon” !!


- Easy to play / intuitive interface
- Unique resource management
- Produce units with resources
- Apply your own strategy to defend against the enemy attack from everywhere
- Manage your units and range using the Colony
- 45 types of units
- Diverse enemy and boss / 80 stages
- Upgrade your unit and planet
- 3 types of game plays (Scenario/ Wave / Battle Star)

Enjoy Now!


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mazlik said...


You might have an older version of the app "cartoon defense" are prepared?
Unfortunately, I do not run IOS 3.1.3 and the latest version, unfortunately.

I would be very grateful. =)

mfg Mazlik