Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Legend of Apasher

Do you like to listen to dragon stories? Then you will love Legend of Apasher. Defeat the infamous dragon Apasher and save the world. The legend of the dragon from million years ago is waiting for you.

Legend of Apasher is a real Online Role Playing Game based turn. You can choose either Human or Giants and explore Shambhala while fighting against monsters and killing other villains.

When you reach Level 20 and defeat the dragon, another world will be open up to you. Enjoy the endless adventure!

- Fight with other players
- Realtime fight with monsters
- Various game events
- Realtime game updates
- Easy control by one touching
- Endless resurrection system
- RPS(Rock-Papaer-Scissors) online fight system

Level : You can fight Apasher once you reached the level 20.
Skill : There are many skills, and you llearn skills as you reach certain level.
Battle : You can use your skill by clicking the skill. You must learn the enemie’s pattern to win the battle.
PVP : You can fight another on-line, or sleeping users. You earn incentives if you win, but lose something if you lose.
One day : 6 hours of real life is one day. Number of turns and available PK is defaulted.
Bank : You can earn interest if you deposit money.

This is online game. iPod users will need to be connected to WiFi in order to play.


Anonymous said...


- Connection problems
- I own the most powerful weapon and armory @ level 12
- the fights are waaay to easy. One does not have to find a pattern in the enemies strategy in Order to win. Using your own most powerful moves is all that is needed

So this game really needs to be improved!!!

Yash said...

reading your blog is real enjoyment to me sometimes..thanks and keep posting.


Anonymous said...

I am ranked 7 on the game drake but I desired to get on again and the game no longer connects I searched app store for the app but it is gone where did it go I paid 99cents for it and it doesn't work anymore please bring it back