Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ancient Invaders

Ancient Invaders is old-style action game like Invaders. Control your space ship to defend earth from alien invaders. It's easy and fun.

- Many alien types
- Boss aliens
- Challenge mode for your achievements.


Monday, September 5, 2011

A Weird RPG : Another Adventure

A Weird RPG : Another Adventure

This is a simple one-touch card-battle rpg game.
Let's fight off enemies getting stronger and increase in numbers with skills and stat upgrade.
You can detect monster's attribute with a simple counter effect structure.
Defeat your enemy quickly with right counter effect skill.
Exciting battle with multiple attack skill.

- Fall in love more than you would expect
- Simple One touch card arcade game.
- Collect 6 user cards
- 40 Monster cards!
- Boss Monster Card / Normal Monster Card / Small Monster Card
- Fight 9 monster cards per cool time at maximum
- 20 Skill effects!
- No level up restriction!
- Easy battle with a simple counter effect structure
- Infinite Items!

Never ending enemy attack! Game Will Never End.