Saturday, December 19, 2009

How to capture prisoner in Cartoon Defence

You need prison slot to capture prisoner.

First, select Capture weapon

and tab and hold your fingure on a enemy. If you drop him on top of tower, you will gain prisoner.

Good. Prisoner is source of archer and assault troops.
Enjoy it!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dot Wars is highly simple and addictive Online Multiplayer finger action game.
Players can access server and compete with others player in online.
Players can buy items in Online Item Shop using GamePoint, and use them in online play.
This is free and In App Purchases Game. In first you can play online match 5 times a day and unlock it by purchasing items.

Enjoy Dot Wars!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cartoon Defence

Cartoon Defence is an exciting defence-action game with various actions and strategies. Cartoon Defence requires your invisible finger and your decision making ability. Protect your kingdom from the violent and evil Cartoon Army!

How to play the game:
It's a game with well known rules:"Shoot 'em all to win". Select your weapon among the icons at the bottom, attack your enemy. You should the right weapon at the right time to defend you from the enemy's attack. You will do better with a good use of the bombs.

With the money you earn when you defeat your enemy, you can buy your armors and repair your castle. You should get enough ammo to be ready to fight with your enemy.

A group of evildoers who have a design on your beautiful princess invaded your kingdom. Defeat the enemy using your powerful weapons. To protect your kingdom and the princess, you have no time to take a rest.

Unlimited stages. You can keep playing until defeated.
Three different levels of difficulty.
Eight different types of weapons.
Seventeen types of enemy with different characteristics.
Online ranking system.
Auto-save. The game will be automatically saved at the end of each stage.

* If your device is Jailbroken, please check out this page.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fish Dish

Fish Dish is most fun and famous fish style game available for the iPhone. Eat the fish which is smaller than you, and avoid which is bigger than you.

You can have a wonderful time with various kinds of cute fish. As your fish gets bigger, prettier fish that you can get will appear. Feed your fish which is hungry.

You can also check your score by online ranking system.

Special thanks. Image is from here.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

2 Minutes RPG

Do you like '2 Minutes' series? Would you like to enjoy every aspects of RPG within 2 minutes?
If the answer is yes, you should download this game. It will show you everything of RPG.
You will save the princess, explore the ancient treasure, and save the endangered kingdom.
You can do all these only within 2 minutes. You can also check your status by online ranking system.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Legend of Apasher

Do you like to listen to dragon stories? Then you will love Legend of Apasher. Defeat the infamous dragon Apasher and save the world. The legend of the dragon from million years ago is waiting for you.

Legend of Apasher is a real Online Role Playing Game based turn. You can choose either Human or Giants and explore Shambhala while fighting against monsters and killing other villains.

When you reach Level 20 and defeat the dragon, another world will be open up to you. Enjoy the endless adventure!

- Fight with other players
- Realtime fight with monsters
- Various game events
- Realtime game updates
- Easy control by one touching
- Endless resurrection system
- RPS(Rock-Papaer-Scissors) online fight system

Level : You can fight Apasher once you reached the level 20.
Skill : There are many skills, and you llearn skills as you reach certain level.
Battle : You can use your skill by clicking the skill. You must learn the enemie’s pattern to win the battle.
PVP : You can fight another on-line, or sleeping users. You earn incentives if you win, but lose something if you lose.
One day : 6 hours of real life is one day. Number of turns and available PK is defaulted.
Bank : You can earn interest if you deposit money.

This is online game. iPod users will need to be connected to WiFi in order to play.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aqua Runner

Aqua Runner is addictive tunnel avoiding game.
Tilt your iphone/touch up and down to swim through undersea tunnel with avoiding other fishes.

Swim as long as you can. You can compete the world via online ranking system.
If you prefer to use touch control, it can be activated in setting menu.

• Special thanks. Image is from here.

Comming soon~~~