Saturday, December 30, 2017

Earth Conquest Z

TOUCH and IDLE defense game
Earth conquest is possible for everyone
Earth Conquest Z
Get the soul by killing the enemy, and make the zombie stronger with that soul, and conquer the earth.
Idle it if you want to idle, touch it if you want to touch it.
Battle of zombies and human. The winner is on your hands!
▣ Scenario
A new species of zombies has appeared on Earth.
Intelligence is a little lower, but it is called by its strong vitality and infectiousness.
You are the Zombie King who called legend.
Lead the stupid zombies to conquer the earth and make them smarter.
The Earth to be conquered is infinite in this universe.
▣ Characteristics of game
▷ Clear goal of conquering the earth!
- You do not have to worry about rebirth!
▷ Easy conquering the Earth as it progresses
- Conquering the planet was the easiest!
▷Let's conquer the earth more fast, more far, and more than others.
▷ Conquer the Earth automatically with a powerful quest
- When I woke up, earth is conquered!
▷ Gradeup your zombies by Conquest Point that get by conquest earth.
▷ Touch the enemy directly to conquer the earth faster
▷ Various dungeons that can go to a specific day
- You know exactly what is odd, even, and prime.
▷ Play stage and dungeon to get powerful items
▷ Create smarter zombies by getting intelligence
▷ Various zombies and human units against them
▷ Acquisition of resources according to the ranking of dungeons
◎ If you have any questions or comments about the game, please send an e-mail to the address below.
Please attach [setting -> ABOUT] screen if you have billing question.
◎ Notes
• The game progress is in single mode, but network connection is required for time synchronization.
• Settings -> Cloud Backup, You can save the game data in server. It's useful when you change the device.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cartoon Defense 5 : An Unexpected Adventure

New Cartoon Defense come back more powerfully.
An Unexpected Adventure by new menace.
Defeat renewed and various enemies and save the world again.

▣  Scenario
Our hero had rid a big dragon Kirimu and became king of the Cartoon kingdom.
He has been beside himself with a victory and wasted money and time enjoying parties.
One of the great old ones has been awoken, and menaced the Cartoon world.
You must defeat them and save the world, before he becomes fully awake and ruins the world.

▣  Feature
• Defense Action Game. Kill the surging enemies.
• The combat system is hotter than before.
• Raise your own hero with various costumes.
• Make your own tower with various parts combinations.
• More powerful upgrade system.
• New mid-boss every region.
• Enjoy mini games at your camp.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cartoon Defense 1.5

Cartoon Defense 1.5 is interesting Touch-Defense Game having strategy and action.
Defeat enemies with your nimble fingers.
So interesting action is waiting for you.

4th story of Cartoon Defense.

The princess of Cartoon Kingdom and the prince of Cyclops kingdom loved each other and had gotten engaged.
But strife had arisen between their kingdoms.
As a result, their love was threatened.
Finally, the prince of Cyclops declared war to keep his love.

Love and War. What future is waiting for them?

Speedy and intrepid finger action.
Various weapons and upgrading.
Various enemies and mid-boss.
About 160 stages.
Mini games and various event games.
Today`s good luck by fortune cookie.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Run MolaMola

Run MolaMola is one touch arcade game.

Touch screen to swim up.
Release to swim down.
Be cafull of cave wall and eat seafood to get additional score.
Produce achievement to get various Molamola.
And play with them.

Challenge the best.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Dungeon & Puzzle

Dungeon & Puzzle is Role-Playing Game based on puzzle.

Terrible dragons raided our world.
The hero is you who save the world.
Please, defeat the dragon and save the world with power of puzzle.

The rule is simple. Attack enemies by matching over 3 same puzzles in horizontal or vertical line.
If you make combo, you can give more damage.
Upgrade hero with item and ingot rewarded in dungeon.
And gather pets and make your mate of them.

An interesting adventure is waiting for you.

• 400 stages and over 100 kinds of enemies.
• 7 Mid bosses and strong final Boss.
• Gathering various pets.
• Interesting adventure for saving world.

Monday, December 29, 2014

A Weird Wars

A Weird Wars is Large-scale combat game with recruiting heroes and leading your corps. Upgrade your own heroes and clear all stage.

The Orc war that have been waged in Mola kingdom! finally, Humans win the war. But Orcs did not give up and invade Mola kingdom with dark elves.
The kingdom was downfallen by the war of several years and did not remain a force to the war. But, they try to make Last Corps and defeat enemies.

Please become a commander of the Last Corps and save the kingdom.

Recruit defender, fighter, archer and wizard heroes, and upgrade them. Make them to invincible corps as enemies do not look down on the kingdom again.

▪ Over 3000 stage and about one minute play time for each stage.
▪ Super easy strategy simulation game.
▪ Hundreds of different heroes maked by combination system.
▪ Recruit hero for free |at regular time intervals. Recruit heroes and upgrade them and make them to the strongest.
▪ Flexible battle formation that user edit freely
▪ Deploy system that you input your corps to fit the combat situation for your easier win.
▪ Battle system between large-scale corps! Hot and spectacular battle effect! You can see the intense battlefield situation.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Killingzone village

Killingzone, Zombie Gunner and now...Killingzone Village is out.

Killingzone village is a combat strategy game. Build and upgrade your village and defeat other villages.
Enjoy a lot of single missions and battle with other players online.

In an accident, Zombie virus spreaded all over the world.
Many people became Zombies, Zombies were increasing more and more.
But Zombies were wiped out by Bill, John, Shelley and their parties rising to sudden prominence.
However, some surviving zombies scattered and some of them were flowered in solitary island.
You are one of them and more intelligent. Upgrade your village, train your forces and revenge for died zombies.
And then, build the Zombie World.

▪ Spin off of Killingzone.
▪ Playtime is about 5 minutes in one battle! Strategically seize enemy town by using elevator, bridge and etc.
▪ Caracterfully and strategically , you are able to build your village. Build your village into a undefeatable fortress.
▪ System of Installing buildings, producing Zombies, gathering resources. Various upgrade systems. A large number of single missions. Make people in world out of Zombie!
▪ Invade villages of other users. Make your village top.
▪ Killingzone  NPC is appeared! Make them Zombie!

iOS comming soon ...