Monday, December 29, 2014

A Weird Wars

A Weird Wars is Large-scale combat game with recruiting heroes and leading your corps. Upgrade your own heroes and clear all stage.

The Orc war that have been waged in Mola kingdom! finally, Humans win the war. But Orcs did not give up and invade Mola kingdom with dark elves.
The kingdom was downfallen by the war of several years and did not remain a force to the war. But, they try to make Last Corps and defeat enemies.

Please become a commander of the Last Corps and save the kingdom.

Recruit defender, fighter, archer and wizard heroes, and upgrade them. Make them to invincible corps as enemies do not look down on the kingdom again.

▪ Over 3000 stage and about one minute play time for each stage.
▪ Super easy strategy simulation game.
▪ Hundreds of different heroes maked by combination system.
▪ Recruit hero for free |at regular time intervals. Recruit heroes and upgrade them and make them to the strongest.
▪ Flexible battle formation that user edit freely
▪ Deploy system that you input your corps to fit the combat situation for your easier win.
▪ Battle system between large-scale corps! Hot and spectacular battle effect! You can see the intense battlefield situation.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Killingzone village

Killingzone, Zombie Gunner and now...Killingzone Village is out.

Killingzone village is a combat strategy game. Build and upgrade your village and defeat other villages.
Enjoy a lot of single missions and battle with other players online.

In an accident, Zombie virus spreaded all over the world.
Many people became Zombies, Zombies were increasing more and more.
But Zombies were wiped out by Bill, John, Shelley and their parties rising to sudden prominence.
However, some surviving zombies scattered and some of them were flowered in solitary island.
You are one of them and more intelligent. Upgrade your village, train your forces and revenge for died zombies.
And then, build the Zombie World.

▪ Spin off of Killingzone.
▪ Playtime is about 5 minutes in one battle! Strategically seize enemy town by using elevator, bridge and etc.
▪ Caracterfully and strategically , you are able to build your village. Build your village into a undefeatable fortress.
▪ System of Installing buildings, producing Zombies, gathering resources. Various upgrade systems. A large number of single missions. Make people in world out of Zombie!
▪ Invade villages of other users. Make your village top.
▪ Killingzone  NPC is appeared! Make them Zombie!

iOS comming soon ...