Thursday, May 27, 2010


Cats corp intruded into the territory in the peaceful animal kingdom. Your friend bulldog is taken to by the cats, and the peace is being threatened. You are supposed and required to rescue your friend from danger, defeat the viciousness and keep the peace.

Commandogs is a tank-action game, which is fun and addicting. And have a pleasant time with the cute heroine MAX.


- Easy to pick up and play

- A variety of enemies and items

- Endless but ever thrilling organization of stages that allows you no time to be bored.

- The play is so free that you can choose to begin any level of difficulty.

May fun be with you!


Anonymous said...

Is there a video of the game play for Cartoon tank?

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Hi Gang Gyung Hun!

I was really impressed with Cartoon Defence.  It's a great game!

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